Circle The Earth

Impactful music that honors unity, hope, and humanity

Circle The Earth

The melting pot of Los Angeles is beautifully reflected in the music and members of Circle the Earth, a multi-cultural, multi-talented lineup who bring diverse influences into a streamlined, high-energy, pop-rock whole. The group’s seven members are prolific creators and polished performers.

It’s no small achievement for a band – let alone one with seven members of varied backgrounds and ages – to find common ground, but for Circle the Earth, respect is key to success and camaraderie.

Helping on that journey is TruPitch Entertainment, who manages Circle the Earth. With the world coming out of lockdown, the band has gotten TV and press interest, and they’re thrilled for their first performance since the 2020 lockdown at the famed Viper Room on the Sunset Strip. One of Circle The Earth’s last live shows before the Covid shutdown  was a January 2020 gig for the massive and prestigious NAMM music business conference.

More new music is also on tap: Circle the Earth will drop a B-side to “Diamonds” called Ya Ya Ya.” It arrives on limited-edition vinyl, while a live video will be shot to accompany the tune.

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