Circle The Earth

Diverse. Authentic. Inspiring. This eclectic band is making music that fires up an emotional connectivity with the audience. These artists stem from all corners of the planet and their multi-cultural and generational vibe stirs the heart and soul giving music lovers a sense of belonging. No matter where in the world you might be, there is someone in this band to connect and identify with. Making music is their life, performing live for people is their passion.

Circle the Earth new line up 2021

Sandy Chao Wang


Happy To Be Here

Real, Relatable, and un-apologetically raw, are three common terms used to describe the Costa Mesa California rock band.
"Our message is one of relatability, that you are not alone. People who come to our shows are people like us.”
Happy To Be Here is a band on the rise, and is ready to take the world by storm.



Blending introspective soul music with the modern sounds of hip-hop, Raimie raps poetic on a wide range of subjects from classical topics in hip-hop to trippy and stoneresque music, all the way to mental health, struggles with depression, and his search for peace of mind.
With his unique play on words and lyrical talent, he's an authentic and relatable storyteller who connects with fans across the hip-hop spectrum.


The Velvicks

With influences from Queens of The Stone Age, Foo Fighters, The Black Keys and Radiohead, The Velvicks delivers heart pounding rock that is at once familiar and distinctive. With the sounds of the band members individual experiences combined with a shared passion for authentic rock and roll, the band is delivering badass live performances and people are responding to it.